Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone

by Andrea on February 14, 2012 · 4 comments

Let’s have some fun with the ol’ holiday of love shall we? You may or may not remember that many moons ago I had a first marriage. It was short and not too sweet, even though our wedding day was none other than February 14th. That’s right, today would have been my 15th wedding anniversary! That marriage was not made to last, thankfully and by God’s grace I will be celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary to my husband this summer.

After what I like to call my “trial run” first marriage, I decided that I would not let a poorly chosen wedding date ruin my future Valentine’s day plans. Of course even now we aren’t big on the holiday, but everyone loves chocolate right?

I figured that there must be others out there with less than ideal Valentine memories so I put out the call for a few confessions. And y’all sent me some doozies. Ouch!

Is it the 15th yet??

In just 2 months, I will be celebrating my 17th wedding anniversary. I know I’ve had more than a few Valentine’s Days in those years (and before) but I cannot think of a single memorable Valentine’s Day. I thought of several stories and then realized, “No, that was our anniversary,” or “Nope. That was Mother’s Day.” Apparently, I need to remind my husband to kick it up a notch for Valentine’s Day! – Lolli

I buried my grandfather on V-Day which totally sucked. I also was in the hospital on another one. I decided V Day wasn’t for me and my husband and I don’t celebrate it. – Rachel

My senior year of high school I was going out to dinner with my best guy friend since we were both dateless on Valentine’s Day. On the way we got into a car accident. I had just gotten my first car six weeks prior. When we got back to my house my friend handed my father the tail light to my brand new car. – Anonymous

I buy myself chocolate covered strawberries and hide in my van to eat them so that I don’t have to share. Why? Because I love myself. And also because I don’t like to share my treats. ~Kadiooops…Anonymous ;)

When I was in high school I had a date planned with my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. As I was getting ready to go out I realized that I wanted to break up with him. It was so awkward, but I went anyway. We broke up the next week. – Anonymous

Anyone else have a less than ideal Valentine’s Day memory or are you just sick of the whole thing? Share your confessions in the comments or anonymously here.

And buck up! For tomorrow is a new day full of half-priced candy.

*photo courtesy of katerha

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