Supporting Mitt Romney: Who Gets Your Vote with Sarah Pinnix

by Andrea on September 4, 2012 · 9 comments

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Welcome back to Who Gets your Vote? !! Each Tuesday I will be highlighting at least one reader opinion about the upcoming election. On election day, I will answer these very same questions myself! I am so looking forward to the next few weeks and I hope you are too! Would you like to participate? Just email me (andrea at lilkidthings dot com) with the subject line VOTE and include your answers to the below questions. The point of this series is to get real people to answer real questions about this election. We aren’t all the same and we don’t vote the same. I happen to think that is ok and welcome opinions that are different than my own. I’d love to see some healthy discussion in the comments as the weeks pass!

This week, I am featuring Sarah Pinnix who plans to vote for Mitt Romney. Check out what she has to say below! And as always, feel free to comment. But remember to be respectful. I know politics can get people excited, but hateful comments WILL be deleted.

Do you affiliate yourself with a party? Which one? I am registered Republican, but consider myself a Constitutional Libertarian. I admit, I mostly vote Republican because they are usually the candidates that stand for small federal government and states’ rights.

Do you know who you will vote for in the Presidential Election yet?/Who? 100% Mitt Romney

Why did you choose this person / or why are you still undecided?  I can’t say that Mitt Romney is my ideal candidate, if I were choosing from the entire population. However, the national debt and runaway spending are my number one concern. He has experience getting a sinking ship back on the water and that’s what I feel we need right now. I know people criticize him because he’s rich, not really “cool,” and didn’t overpay taxes. But I kind of want my president to be a geek who actually earned a lot of money (and gives a lot of money), and was smart enough not to pay more taxes than he absolutely had to. I don’t really care if he says “dude” or eats hamburgers or fist bumps.

Are you a parent?  Yes.

Why do you think your candidate is the best choice for parents? If undecided – what issues are you concerned about as a parent?  I want my children to live in a free country as much as is possible at this point. I don’t know that we will ever get to the level of limited government that our founders envisioned, but we can do better. I want my children to be able to chose whether they want to jump in a lifeboat and abandon the USS Social Security, or save for their own healthcare. And I want them to have the freedom to fail, too. It is in the failures that we often learn the lessons that make us successful the next time. Also, if we as a society want to change the Constitution, there are processes with which to do it. Yes, it’s difficult – on purpose. But I feel we are getting into dangerous territory when we simply ignore the parts of the Constitution we don’t want to follow, or create extra-Constitutional bureaucracies.

Do you feel like your candidate is misunderstood? Why? I feel that all candidates are misunderstood these days. Most people don’t really want to understand anymore. They want to smear and generalize, and do anything they have to, so that their candidate looks like the “good guy” and the opponent looks evil.

If you could sum up your candidate in 3 words, what would they be? / OR if undecided – what 3 words would sum up the perfect candidate for you? Oooh, this is not fair. Let me see…. Analytical, business-savvy, circumspect.

Thank you for sharing your honest opinions Sarah!

Below are a list of websites to check out while trying to decide on the best candidate for you. Stay tuned for another interview next Tuesday and thanks for reading!

Major News Sites


Party Websites


Get your kids involved

Scholastic (get login info from your child’s teacher), TIME for Kids 

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