Looking for something with a 4 year old.

by Andrea on January 15, 2013 · 4 comments

Oscar will be 4 next week. He’s really good at a LOT of things. He has an excellent vocabulary, loves to tell jokes, is an amazing and loving big brother and can write his name. But when you need him to walk across the room, pick up a toy and bring it back to you, well.

Let’s just have a listen….

Me: Oscar, can you go get Calvin’s pacifier and bring it to me, please? It’s over there next to your dinosaur.

Oscar: His paci? Where? Where is it?

Me: It’s right over there by your toys. See your green dinosaur?

Oscar: My green dinosaur? Where? You mean this? (holds up a yellow lego)

Me: No, I mean your green dinosaur. Right there by your foot. Pick up the pacifier right there.

Oscar: Where? I don’t see it! I don’t SEE it! I don’t see anything at all!

Me: Oscar. Look at me. (he looks) Now look down at your feet. (he looks). Do you see your green dinosaur? The pacifier is right by that.

Oscar: My zoo?

Me: No.

Oscar: OHHHHH that green dinosaur. Here you go Calvin. Here’s your paci!

Obviously, we still have a few things to work on. Know any 4 year olds like this?

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