Hats, grace and pink sunglasses {becoming mom}

by Andrea on April 16, 2012 · 8 comments

There seems to be a lot of hat-wearing these days. Oscar loves to wear hats and put hats on his baby brother. Calvin loves that Oscar is playing with him. Jerry is wearing the hat of dad, husband, friend, landscaper and breadwinner, while I juggle the hats of homemaker, mom, wife, friend, blogger and travel agent. It’s a world that could make us really bitter or really better (to coin a phrase heard somewhere in my childhood). OK so we have done bitter. This week, let’s do better.

Better is all around us.

I’ve been in a grace intensive lately and I am going to keep talking about it because the more I learn about grace, the more I see the need for grace everywhere. I am surrounded by moments when I need to give grace to you, when I need grace from you or when I need to lay off the negativity and just be gracious to myself.

These boys are just the crack in the egg when it comes to grace. Little moments when I raise my voice and Oscar says, why did you say that louder Mama? And I have to decide if I am going to justify my harsh words or own the fact that I lost it there for a second.

And then there was the time when I was arguing with my husband while unknowingly being recorded by the Happy Feet 2 app on my phone that turns my voice into that of a baby penguin. Don’t worry, I figured it out 30 seconds later when my tirade was being replayed at ear-piercingly high and fast tones (or maybe that is what I really sound like?) Don’t answer that, Jerry.

SO, grace. Yeah I need some of that.

And you know what? Needing grace doesn’t have to be another one of those things where we sigh and shrug and say, yeah add THAT to the list of things I need to work on.

Because there is no working on grace. We just breathe it in. Savor it. Welcome it and exhale.

Grace is looking at the glass half full, not in an unrealistic way never admitting to a problem, but it’s focusing on what I have been given instead of what I lack.

Grace is facing my hurt and owning it saying it’s ok that I have struggles. I can rest here and be loved. I can be here in this hard place as long as I need to be.

Grace is knowing that I won’t be here forever.

Grace is a snapshot of hope. It’s a glimpse of purity, of true joy, of redemption.

Last week, I suggested we be gracious to each other. Today, I want to encourage you to be gracious to yourself. Flip through the highlights. Sit a while in the struggles. Know that each is an opportunity to learn and love. A chance to remember who you are and perhaps a reminder that God sees you as His.

Perfect and beautiful.

Lighten up. Cut yourself some slack and rock pink sunglasses if you want.

Because it’s all about the grace baby.

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