Raising Boys

I’m not sure I have ever admitted this publicly, but Captain America is my favorite Avenger. We loved Captain America: The First Avenger and have been eagerly anticipating this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier since it was announced! The boys aren’t quite old enough for the real(ish) action of a PG-13 movie, but we […]


I angry cleaned two bathrooms last night. I was sitting at the kitchen table so frustrated with myself and unsure of why I couldn’t just GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY. It seems to be a trend among my work from home friends lately. And who knows, maybe it’s not just us. Maybe we are all in […]


It’s almost time for Easter! In my house, this means many happy things. We love to celebrate our faith, enjoy plenty of sweet treats and finally welcome spring once and for all! We actually have some yellow bells blooming in our yard which is definitely a welcome sight. I know I am not alone when […]

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Anyone who knows me knows I am a major planner. I love the art of choosing. I research all my options in detail before making my final selections. I am like this across the board from buying baby gear to making dinner reservations. This is why I often request gift cards when people want to […]

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Are you looking for a fun and EASY St. Patrick’s day craft for your kids or students? I’ve got you covered! Sometimes I like to get crafty. Truth be told, my boys are at school this morning so I did this one just for me! They’ll get a chance to make their own later, but […]


Blog changes a brewin’

by Andrea on February 27, 2014 · 6 comments

There was a time when all I could think about was logging into my blog dashboard and sharing all the interesting (to me) tidbits about my life. As a new mom at home all day with my baby, blogging was my therapy. This site was my little home and I invited anyone in to chat. […]


Well, almost wordless. We had a beautiful sunny day last week and actually made it to the local park. Oscar was jumping off everything and I told him he looked like he was flying like a superhero. He loved that so we took a few photos. I sure do love this boy.