38 weeks

As I am writing this I am 38 weeks and 5 days along…and hooked up to a nonstress test machine. Hopefully it’ll be my last monitoring session though I have 3 more scheduled. I’m hoping I won’t need them. I’m ready to meet this baby! My body has been progressing somewhat silently so the guesstimate […]


As the belly grows...

**Darcy is in the home stretch now!** That seems like a silly question, doesn’t it?  I mean, I have a hard time believing someone doesn’t know they are pregnant until the moment they give birth on the toilet, so how the heck could I forget that I am indeed eight months pregnant. Maybe forget isn’t the […]


It’s almost hard to believe it, but my due date is only 12 weeks away. Seems like only yesterday we were biding our time until we were 12 weeks along before being very public with our impending arrival. Oh and it’s a boy! An ultrasound last week with a different tech and a better view […]

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, we knew right away that we wanted to find out what we were having. After 3 years of trying to conceive, waiting until her birth day seemed too far away! Bonding, naming, and nursery decorating were things we wanted to focus on. I’m a bit of a planner […]


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Darcy is back with another pregnancy update! See all posts by Darcy, here.  I won’t say I dislike being pregnant. I kind of like it – well, parts of it. I try not to complain much though it’s no surprise that there are parts of pregnancy that aren’t very fun. I’m almost to the halfway […]


The following is the first in a series of posts from Lil-Kid-Things contributor, Darcy, who is currently pregnant with her second child! I used to think pregnancy was fairly uneventful. Of course, that was before I even tried conceiving. I’m now in my second trimester of my second pregnancy and am surprised at some of […]