Where there is darkness, cling to the light

Where There is Darkness, Cling to the Light via Justisafourletterword.com

In the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting a lot about my life and life in general. As birthdays often stir up a naturally inward-looking assessment of the state of things, I found this year to be no different. What is different is a shift in my world view. I actually wrote this post last… [read more]

Why Just is a Four Letter Word

Be Yourself quote

Today I turn 36 years old and I am welcoming  my new year with a fresh outlook. As my kids are getting older and I share their stories less and less, Lil-Kid-Things doesn’t seem like the best fit for what I want to say. It feels like a limiting category rather than telling my whole story. Yes,… [read more]

My secret to chewy chocolate chip cookies


Nothing says summer like chocolate chip cookies! Add some vanilla ice cream, make a sandwich and I don’t know that it could get much better than that. This is my secret to chewy cookies (even after they cool). Originally posted October 2013. Enjoy! I’m not a fan of the crispy chocolate chip cookie. I like… [read more]

Easy 10 Minute Chores {free printable}


Are you trying to get a handle on cleaning this summer? I know I am. Always trying. Bumping up this cheat sheet so I can try again! Originally posted February 2013.  I am no expert on cleaning. Let’s just get that out of the way. However, I have learned a few things over the years.… [read more]

LEGO DUPLO Read & Build gets an A+

Busy Farm

I’m spending some time during the summer break with Calvin using our Lego Read & Build sets. That’s the awesome thing about Legos right? They never get old! Also, look at sweet little Oscar in that video. Melts my heart! Originally posted July 2012. Oh LEGO you know just what to say. Being the huge… [read more]

Too Tired to parent: Is Balance a Myth?


This seemed like a good one to bring back during my season of rest. Are you struggling to find balance? Originally posted May 2011.   In the past couple weeks, I have been hearing a lot about living in balance, observing the Sabbath and getting rest in general. The first installment came from my Pastor… [read more]

Reading comprehension for preschoolers {free printable}


I’m taking a little break from blogging this summer. In the meantime, I’ll be posting a few of my favorite summer posts from the archives! Summer reading is great! Use these sheets for books or TV time. Originally posted February 2013.  The other day, Oscar and I were reading a Fly Guy book on our Storia app… [read more]

The important work of The Exodus Road


I’m taking a tiny break from my blog break because in the past week I have been so moved by my friends and fellow bloggers that I really wanted to share their stories with you. I guess that is one upside of a blogging break. I actually get to read other blogs! I thought about… [read more]