Activities for Toddlers {Arts & Crafts}

by Andrea on May 26, 2011 · 8 comments

I am trying to be more proactive with art projects now that Oscar is almost two and a half. We have found a lot of outdoor activities for toddlers that he loves. But I need to get creative with indoor activities now that we are facing 100 degree weather. I love arts and crafts. But the problem is, he really just isn’t into anything. Oscar’s attention span for coloring is dismal, he has little interest in painting and while play-doh remains the front runner, play time quickly deteriorates into a game of lets see how far and wide we can spread this mess across the kitchen.

This week though, I think I made a breakthrough! Oscar is very much into learning where things go. He always points out the clouds in the sky or that the squirrel is in the tree. After a light-bulb moment and a personal desire to get out the crayons, I decided to make art time a bit more interactive and little less “artsy”.

I cut out some primitive shapes and colored them for definition. Then, letting Oscar control the glue stick, we identified each shape and where it should go! Sun goes in the sky, fish go in the water and flower goes in the grass.

He loved it! With each shape I would go through all the different possibilities and he would say NOOOOOO, if it was the wrong place. Of course sometimes he said yes anyway, but the point is we had a lot of fun and it took up at least 15 minutes!

What are your favorite indoor activities for toddlers? Does your toddler resist arts and crafts?

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